GLOBAL SAI - Made by Yoshikin

GLOBAL SAI KNIVES follow in the same tradition as CLASSIC GLOBAL KNIVES and are made in the same fashion by skilled Japanese craftsmen in Yoshikin’s factory. All of our experience in manufacturing hollow Stainless Steel handles and modern blade technology having been embodied in them. GLOBAL SAI KNIVES, like the originals, have been designed by Komin Yamada, calling upon his 25 years of experience and know-how.

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The handle design is entirely new and incorporates an ergonomic thumb-rest to ease the cutting motion.

The blades are crafted from special CROMOVA 18 SANSO material, comprising three layers of Stainless Steel. The central layer with cutting edge is of CROMOVA 18 Stainless Steel, hardened to Rockwell 58 - 59 degrees and honed to a fine edge to give awesome cutting performance. This is sandwiched between two layers of softer SUS410 Steinless Steel material, which helps to protect the blade against chipping, rusting and staining.

A new, hammered finish is applied to the sides of the blade. This is not purely decorative. The air pockets resulting from this result in a better release of food being cut, giving the blade non-stick properties.

We hope you will enjoy using your GLOBAL SAI KNIVES.

Sharpening Instructions

A good chef regularly sharpens his knife. Regular use of a whetstone to sharpen your GLOBAL knives will ensure that they retain their razor sharp cutting edge. Prior to sharpening, place whetstone in water for 5 or 10 minutes to allow the whetstone to absorb sufficient moisture.

Hold the knife so that the blade meets the coarse side of the whetstone at an angle of 10° to 15° then complete the process on the fine side. Sharpening guide rails are available to ensure the correct angle. For best results, the front of the blade should be polished about 70% and the back of the blades about 30%.

After sharpening, knives should be washed in hot water and then thoroughly dried.